What Can I Say?

by Rev. Dr. R.J. Lightsey

Exodus 4:12
“Now go! I will be with you as you speak, and I will instruct you in what to say.”

I will get right to the point. There are times when I don’t know what to write about or what to share with others so they may be encouraged or challenged. There are days when I don’t have a clue what God wants to speak through me. Believe me when I say I sometimes feel I don’t have anything at all to say. As I began to pen this article, I realized today is one of those days.

But I know (as I have known for years) that what I have to say to uplift my brothers and sisters in the Lord does not begin with me. My Father gives me what to say at the right time and for the right reasons whatever pleases Him. As God said to Moses, “Now, go! I will be with you as you speak, and I will instruct you in what to say” (Exodus 4:12).

I understand my responsibility is to stay prepared and focused to hear from God at any and all times (of course there is still room for improvement). Also, I must write by faith, literally seek God, trust God, and then sit at my desk and allow the Master to speak to me through the keyboard. Truly, a message, the right message for the present time, will come forth.

I must remember and you must remember our words are not our own. God will instruct and anoint us as we position ourselves to be used. No need to worry about what to say or what will be received or rejected. We just need to open our mouths or start stroking the keys on the keyboard and trust God to do the rest.

Now for the testimony. What can I say? There have been countless times I have witnessed God perform this as He is doing now. He has and continues to take me from not knowing what to say to trusting Him to give me what to say as I step out on faith. I am encouraged to “position” myself to be used by Him at all times. It’s not enough to know that God will instruct us in what to say, but as He told Moses, He will be with us as we speak. It is so comforting to know I never speak or write alone. The Almighty God is always with me (and you).


Rev. Dr. R.J. Lightsey has over thirty (30) years in active ministry as an anointed pastor/preacher, teacher, exhorter and leader with the ability to clearly and passionately communicate God’s Word. Dr. Lightsey is experienced in planning and implementing church conferences, workshops and seminars, church planting, public relations and networking (faithandfavor.org).He is the author of Living in Praise, A Collection of Christian Poems.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com

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