A HUGE congratulations to EVERYONE who entered the FaithWriters Writing Challenge this past quarter.  Just by submitting an entry, you are a winner. But some pieces rise even higher than that to place – while others go even higher than that.

And that is what the quarterly cash awards are meant to recognize. The highest scoring entry in EACH LEVEL over each entire ten-week quarter is recognized. This past quarter  had a variety of topics – from phone to fussy to calendar – and these four entries (one from each level) came out on top. Be sure to check them out!

LEVEL 1 The Escape by Simon Davis (Phone topic)

LEVEL 2 Reboot by Art Westefeld (Easy as Pie topic)

LEVEL 3 The Joy of Crying by Karen Dick (Fussy topic)

LEVEL 4 Just So, Aunt Jessie by Ann Grover (Fussy topic)

The Writing Challenge starts up again on Thursday, January 5 with a new quarter of topics. Be sure to enter – you could be one of these winners!

Congratulations, Simon, Art, Karen, and Ann!

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