417720305At the request of members, and to keep up with technology, FaithWriters will soon begin a gradual conversion to a mobile responsive site. Much of the hard work of individual page conversion has already been done on a duplicate site designed for development. We will gradually be replacing the current site pages with pages that will automatically re-size based on your viewing device.

This has been a very large and time consuming project due to the size of the site. As we convert, you should not notice any interruption on a normal sized laptop or larger screen. We are hoping for no issues on mobile devices, but there could be issues at times with links not working and misaligned formatting on pages.

If you are using a mobile device, for a time you may experience pages that respond correctly to your device size and other pages that display in their current full size format. A gradual transition should avoid any huge issues that might occur by transitioning all at once.

We thank you for your patience.

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