Smother Them With Kisses

By Pam Ford Davis

I just had a light bulb revelation. A thought shed light on a much-used expression, ‘Smother them with kisses.’ Okay, to smother is to leave one breathless. Hey, that was a hit song. [Jerry Lee Lewis, 1958]

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. I’m a hopeless romantic; will I smother my sweetie with kisses and shower him with love? Nah, the customary “Happy Valentine’s Day” will suffice.

Inwardly, all blossom when receiving outward expressions of love. The simple touch on a persons’ cheek or firm squeeze of their hand lifts spirits. We cannot start sharing those actions too early; as recipients, we never outgrow the desire for hugs and kisses.

Once upon a time, there was a woman with a scandalous reputation

“A woman in the town who was a sinner found out that Jesus was reclining at the table in the Pharisee’s house. She brought an alabaster flask of fragrant oil and stood behind Him at His feet, weeping, and began to wash His feet with her tears. She wiped His feet with the hair of her head, kissing them and anointing them with the fragrant oil (Luke 7:37-38 HCS).”

Was Christ offended? No, He was befriended and deeply loved. Praising her, the merciful Lord seized the opportunity to teach valuable lessons on love and forgiveness. (Verses 39-50)

I close with a recollection: S.W.A.K. ‘Sealed with a kiss!’

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