FaithWriters is probably best known for the Writing Challenge and the Page Turner contest. But did you know that there are lots of other places on the site to share your writing?

Are you feeling like your story, song, or play (or anything else) needs some feedback to make it its best, but you are not sure where to get it? Why don’t you try out the Critique Circle? Upgraded (Gold and Platinum) members are able to submit writing in any genre, and members (as well as a few paid editors) will give you some feedback (and it will go exclusively to you – nobody else will see it). All you need to do is provide feedback on someone else’s entry – and once you post yours, others will return the favor.

Maybe you are happy with your piece, and simply want to share it with folks who might be searching. If that’s the case, you can post it in regular articles. There are several dozen categories your article may fit into – and you can pick where to put it. You can offer an article for view, for sale, or to share for free. It’s a nice way to get your stuff out there – and a great place to look if you want a little something to read yourself!

Maybe what you are really wanting is to share your devotional, article, story, or other piece of writing with people for their own use. If so, be sure to stop by free reprints and post your article there. I know of church secretaries, bloggers (including yours truly) and others who look in this area for filler material for their publications in free reprints. You never know who might contact you and let you know they plan to use one of your pieces to bless others!

Where will YOU submit?

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