The Unfair Advantage Christian Writers Have Over Unbelievers

(But Are Sadly Underutilizing)

By Pastor QT Nyathi

Picture two buses trying to negotiate a steep incline:

One is huffing and puffing thick plumes of grey-black smoke, barely moving. If anything, it looks as if it might roll back any second and put the lives of its passengers in jeopardy.

“Looks like this old lady’s having a hard time trying to climb this mountain,” says Rob.

“Yeah,” agreed the whiskered man seated next to him.

“But you’ve got to understand that this is a steep climb. Any bus would struggle to go up these slopes,” he concludes.

Just then another bus whizzes past them, its driver coolly chewing Dentyne ice unlike his counterpart whose sweaty palms are glued to the steering wheel. Rob turns towards his fellow passenger, eyeballs almost popping out of their sockets.


They both turn to look at the spectacled teenager who somehow finds this whole scene hilarious.

“Now, that’s a bus. It’s got turbocharge, baby— makes all the difference.”

Here’s the good news. You’re the driver of the second bus, writing-wise. Your writing bus has super power. But the question is: have you used all the power that your massive engine offers?

What engine, you ask? I’m talking about the Holy Spirit.

Meet A Prolific Author And Coach Extraordinaire

He coached forty authors in a historic collaborative project. Between them they produced sixty six books which were bound into one massive volume. The bumper book became an instant bestseller. And once it hit number one on the bestseller list, it stayed there year after year. Yes, the Bible outsells every other book on the planet since time immemorial.

And the great part is its amazing author lives in you. Wow. Think about that for a second.

The most successful author coach of all time is always at your disposal and opens the classroom of your spirit 24/7 for you to get expert instruction any time. He doesn’t scold you for asking silly questions nor does he charge a dime for his awesome service.

Three Amazing Resident Coach Benefits You’ll Be Foolish Not To Grab

What are the benefits of embracing this simple yet empowering truth that the Holy Spirit, the greatest writer mentor ever, occupies your heart?

#1 It means you’ll never run short of creative ideas one more day in your new writing life

How can you lack creativity when the creator lives in you?


#2 It means you’ll never waste precious time waiting for the muse to show up

What muse? Who needs a Greek myth when the truth is you’ve got God-unlimited living in you? And the best part is, unlike the elusive legendary muse who comes and goes at  whim, the Holy Spirit is always with you.

#3 It means you’ll kiss writers block goodbye

If  she ever existed. What blockage, when there’s a mighty unstoppable torrent of living water gushing out of you?


A Caveat So You Don’t Ruin Your Writing Career

Does this empowering truth make writing seminars, sites, groups, books, coaches, and courses redundant? Not at all. Just like having the Bible in your hands doesn’t negate the necessity of preachers. What it means is the Holy Spirit can enhance whatever human effort you’re making to improve your writing, if you allow him.

Writing is a ton of work: no doubt about that. For you to get better, you’ve got to pound the keys a million times. What I’m saying is there is no need to make it even harder by ignoring the Holy Spirit. Tap into his limitless divine resources instead of drawing from your limited human supply. So my writer friend, it’s up to you now. Will you continue plodding along and ignoring the Holy Spirit in your writing journey?

Turbocharge, baby.

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