Is Everything Worth Doing Worth Overdoing?

By Shari Weigerstorfer

Is everything worth doing, worth overdoing? According to the Holy Spirit, apparently not.

We struggled over an article I was writing. I had written the basic concept. It was a revelation of relevance, a beautiful gem of wisdom. After I had finished the rough draft, the battle of the wills began:

I wanted another week to work on it. According to Him, it was finished.

I wanted it to be polished to perfection and to shine with an artistic flair. He wanted the point to come across and not be lost and overshadowed by too many words.

I wanted to decorate it. He wanted it left plain.

I repeated a favorite motto: “Perfection is the goal, excellence will be tolerated!” He replied, It’s good enough for what it’s for.

After consideration, I realized my ego was the problem. I wanted readers to notice the messenger. He wanted them to notice the message.

Then the questions came:

Who are you writing for?

Well, actually, I’m writing for You.

Who is your audience?

I have no idea. Only You know where this article may go and who will read it.

Why did I show you that revelation?

So I could pass it on.

And why do I want you to leave well enough alone?

Because if I work on it too much, I can dilute the meaning and distract from the message.

So what have you learned?

I’ve learned that not everything worth doing should be overdone. That You have plans and purposes beyond my knowledge. And most importantly, that I am the pen and not the writer.

Shari Weigerstorfer is a free-lance Christian writer, native to the West Coast of America. When not indulging in her passion for travel, she writes from her home in Singapore. Other articles by Shari can be found on her site at

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