Have you spent much time at the FaithWriters Forums lately? If not (or even if you have),  there are several reasons you might want to drop by.

Be sure to read (or reread) the forums posting rules in the Welcome and Info for Using The Forums area before you get started. And stay in that part of the message boards to check out FaithWriters’ announcements, find answers to frequently asked questions, or learn more about the FaithWriters Celebration being planned for next summer.

Looking for writing tips, opportunities, critiques, or lessons by some of FaithWriters’ most awarded writers? Check out the Writing Discussion and Information area. Cheer on friends’ writing successes, ask questions about writing, participate in Jan Ackerson’s latest writing lesson, or find an available freelance writing opportunity. It’s all here!

For those of you interested in the FaithWriters Writing Challenge, there’s a large area of the forums just for you. Here you can get more details about the topic of the week, see the schedule, check out the winners of past weeks, and check out progress on upcoming challenge books. OH – and don’t forget to stop by to throw your brick when you do enter!

There are also areas with all kinds of information for upgraded members, and for those who just want to participate in a general discussion, whether about theology issues, prayer requests, or just getting to know other FaithWriters members (and be sure to jump into one of the fun threads in the Water Cooler – yuck or yum? is entertaining – and ask, and answer, a question of fellow FWers).

There’s lots to do – and learn – at the FaithWriters forums. Why don’t you pop over and say hello?



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