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As God Whispers

By louis gander

Don’t give me a brand new computer
to type all the words on my mind –
just give me an old scrap of paper
and maybe some words I can find –
to write with my old, stubby pencil,
a poem or two I think of,
to soften the hardest of hardened hearts –
and write a few words of God’s love.

And no, I do not have erasures.
I used them up long, long ago –
for mine was the worst of all wicked hearts –
and lowest of all of the low…
I tried to erase every one of my sins,
that I scribbled for years on my heart –
but only a cross where Jesus shed blood
could give me a “born-again” start.

Though I am not better than anyone else
no matter how I have been livin’…
There’s only one thing that has set us apart –
and that is, through faith, I’m forgiven.
So please give an old scrap of paper,
to someone contented to be –
writing, as God whispers breezes,
in shade of this old willow tree.

Copyright 2004-2015 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Written 7-27-15 by louis gander.   FREE to print  but only with copyright information included – NOT for resale.  Thank You!

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