Eighty-six  years ago today, a baby girl was born in Germany. Thirteen years later, she received a diary for her birthday, and wrote in it regularly for two years. And she impacted the world in a way she never could have imagined.

Perhaps you already know who this girl is. How, for many (me included), hers is the first name that comes to mind when we think of Holocaust victims.  Anne Frank is in many ways the voice of the Holocaust – of Hitler’s oppression of the Jews (and others). And it is all because of her writings – writings she never intended anyone else to see.

And maybe that is part of why her story is so compelling. She wasn’t writing for a paycheck, for accolades, or to impact the world. She wrote because she could – because she had something to say: to get off her chest. She was baring her soul – writing as she felt led. She wrote for an audience of one.

Anne Frank was not a Christ-follower, but maybe she has something to teach us about our focus and our purpose for writing. Maybe not. But I have to believe that her story – the story of the horrors of the Holocaust – would have been seen much differently if she had told her story any other way.

Why do YOU write?

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