And now for another set of Best of the Best contenders (see the ten from last summer here).

Unfamiliar with Best of the Best? Each week, the top scoring entry overall in the FaithWriters writing challenge is eligible to be declared the Best of the Best winner. At the end of all four ten-week quarters, we have 40 potential pieces vying for the Best of the Best crown. And, on July 1 each year, the highest rated of all the first place entries is named Best of the Best and awarded a $300 cash prize. Second and third place receive $100 and $75, respectively.

Last fall was the genre quarter (take two!), where folks were challenged to give several different styles of writing a try. Check these fabulous and unique contenders out!

Face to Faith by Ann Grover (Autobiographical challenge)

Five Reasons I Never Became a Rapper by Timmy Boyle (Humor challenge)

One Act of Defiance by Rachel Malcolm (Fantasy/Sci-Fi challenge)

All Around by Shelley Ledfors (Suspense/Thriller challenge)

Cries in the Wilderness by Ann Grover (Contemporary Fiction challenge)

Tom Tilbake by Ann Grover (Travelogue challenge)

Life, One Clue at a Time by Diane M. Bowman (Action/Adventure challenge)

Blisters and Scars by Rachel Barrett (Coming of Age challenge)

The Night He Was Laughing by JK Stenger (Inspirational challenge)

The Man With a Passion for Peace by Ann Grover (Biographical challenge)

Watch for two more posts with contenders from the winter and spring quarters soon. And it isn’t too late to be on this list- there are still two more topics to enter to be in contention for the 2015 BoB crown! This week’s, “The Whole World in God’s Hands” (don’t write about the song), closes at 11am ET on Thursday.

Enter this week or next – and enjoy!

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