Can you believe it has been almost a year since FaithWriters named 2014’s Writing Challenge Best of the Best? Well, we have made it through almost 40 weeks of FaithWriters Writing Challenge topics, and it is almost time to crown 2015’s BoB and two runners up.

Unfamiliar with Best of the Best? Each week, the top scoring entry overall in the FaithWriters writing challenge is eligible to be declared the Best of the Best winner. At the end of all four ten-week quarters, we have 40 potential pieces vying for the Best of the Best crown. And, on July 1 each year, the highest rated of all the first place entries is named Best of the Best and awarded a $300 cash prize. Second and third place receive $100 and $75, respectively.

Now seems to be as good a time as any to share those contenders with you – and I will start with the “Goes Together Like” quarter from summer of last year. Click on the titles to read these amazing entries.

Slow Hours by Ann Grover (Day and Night challenge)

The Writer Weeps by Jim McWhinnie (Pen and Paper challenge)

The Master’s Chef by Margaret Kearley (Salt and Pepper challenge)

Broken Vessels by Rachel Barrett (Right and Left challenge)

Fleeting Moments of Forever by Ann Grover (Husband and Wife challenge)

A Plea from the Heart by Danielle King (Pros and Cons challenge)

Sanctuary of Silence by Ann Grover (Lock and Key challenge)

The Usual by Karen Pourbabee (Cup and Saucer challenge)

Fideles by Ann Grover (Cat and Dog challenge)

Big Sarge’s Goodwill Squad by Noel Mitaxa (Love and Grace challenge)

Watch for three more posts with contenders from the fall, winter, and spring quarters soon. And it isn’t too late to be on this list- there are still three more topics to enter to be in contention for the 2015 BoB crown! This week’s, “Trust And Obey”(don’t write about the song), closes at 11am ET on Thursday.

Get reading – AND writing!

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