The response to the 50-word challenge was great – the creativity definitely flowed, and more than a dozen folks contributed. But only one person will receive the $10 gift card. And the winner (as determined by is:

Brenda K. Blakely

Congratulations, Brenda! Contact me at joanne (at) joannesher (dot) com with your email address, and I will send you your prize!

And now, for a special treat, here are several of the entries. I have selected one from each person who entered (five people entered more than once – feel free to check out all of the entries in the comment section of the original post to see every entry)

And now, in alphabetical order by last name:

Perspective – 50 words –  by Kristine Baker

I am blind in one eye with no teeth in my mouth. Surgeries removed two ovaries, womb, one kidney, and appendix. I am gladder without my gallbladder, and I can only count to seven on my two hands. So many missing parts, but I am still thankful to be alive.

Till Death Do Us Part – 43 words – by Brenda K. Blakely

A hug, a kiss, I love you softly spoken; one enters eternity, one stands alone. Life lived left its mark as memories to take hold, easing the pain as the casket is lowered into the earth. Life begins again; each our separate ways.

A Leaky Roof – 50 words – by Diane Bowman (2 entries)

The house stood, abandoned. Unwilling to finance a necessary roof repair, the owner moved, first to the basement, then to the bunkhouse, leaving her house to rot. A house lost because of a leaky roof.

Like the house, our souls need regular maintenance. Does your soul have a leaky roof?

Just Believe – 50 Words – by Cassandra E. Carter

From the smoking debris of choas I rise.
Fearlessly, shaking off all doubt in
confidence I believe. It is with overcoming
faith I stand certain. My mind is racing
on the tracks of hope. There is the smell
of new beginnings as a bud of fresh
flowers on the horizon.

Hebrews 10:23

Untitled – 47 words – by Caleb Cheong (2 entries)

“See the Principal!” his teacher said.

Wallace giggled inside. Once, he spilled spaghetti on Jack ‘accidentally’. Later, he set off the fire alarm.

Suddenly, his heart leapt. Did the principal know?

His throat went dry.

“ Your mum passed away!”

He wept. He couldn’t tell her he repented.

God’s Grace – 50 words – by Sandra Fischer

The little girl stared at Grace. “What’s wrong with her?”
“She has special needs.”
“Can she walk or talk?”
“She can’t talk.”
“She’s beautiful. I’m sorry for her.”
“Don’t be. God made her this way.”
“Good question.”
“Maybe it’s so I can be glad I can walk and talk.”

The End and the Beginning – 50 words –  by Linda Germain

Pomp and Circumstance swells as you march, head held high, shoulders back, honors showing.

I wave, unseen, tears flowing, still praying, so proud, so thankful.

Speeches drone, cameras flash, names are called and tassels flipped; diplomas gripped.

I only see my child. You did it! I love you, precious son.

Mothering in the hard place between Pr. 30:11 and Gal. 6:1.  – 47 words – by Betsy Markman

How could he do this again, so soon after our heart-to-heart talk, after his repentant prayer?
I doubt last night’s sincerity. But then I remember my own indwelling sin.
“Lord, give me a spirit of gentleness to restore him!”
My son storms in, cursing, as I tearfully pray.

A Better Way  – 50 words – by Eldon Miller

“Clench your fist,” the technician said. I obeyed reluctantly. I’d rather fight than be stuck with a needle.
My best Friend is just the opposite. He would rather give all then to raise a fist. In fact, He taught a better way, open your hand and let go. He did.

One Last Bell  – 49 words – by Ruth Neilson
The bell rings. Students leave, happily talking about their next stage of life. It’s amazing what nine short weeks can do. Give them one last blessing. Not a “See you you guys tomorrow!” But instead something much more final, “Have a wonderful life and see ya around!”
Graduation is here.

Bold Flower – 50 Words –  by Alisha Ritchie

The lone yellow flower towers above the patch of weeds in my shrubbery. The beautiful tulip points upward to Heaven with much confidence, a wondrous sight to be behold. Clearly the flower is thriving, not affected by the weeds. Let your Christian faith point to Jesus with the same boldness.

Ephesians 3:12

Venit; vidit; vicit! – 50 Words – by Jan Ross

Herein lies the challenge:
“We’ll write with fewer words!”
I figured it was worth a try
While one stone killed two birds.

Twenty words and counting
But now the count’s at thirty!
I’d hoped to make a point or two
Without becoming wordy.


He came;
He saw;
He conquered!

Grandpa’s Bagel  – 48 words –  by Robert Schaetzle
Leonardo came running through to the kitchen and shouted; “Grandpa Bagel!” He takes delight too much on Grandpa’s bagel. “Grandpa Cheez!” Opps…I forgot. His desire is not so much the bagel, but more the crème cheese topping. Leonardo’s acquired taste at age two is… “It’s yummy!”

An Unknown Friend – 50 words – by Ruthanna Scott (2 entries)
Weary. Homeless. Friendless. Empty. Ruined. Broke.
Connie’s eyes threatened tears.
Begging? How had it come to this? Surely it’s only a nightmare.
But the sneering teenagers and smear of raw egg running down her shirt was too real.
Looking up her heart leaped! A friendly face. A smile. A wave.

Mother’s Tears  – 50 words – Judi Smith (6 entries)

A widowed mother begs on painful shaking knees
Weeping, heartbroken, inconsolable,
She pitifully grieves for her soul-less drug-addicted son.

Jesus’s Arms comfortingly enfold her,
as He collects her sparkling tears in His Hands,
He pours them over her rebellious, faithless, fatherless son.

Drenched in Their tears, the young man repents.

 Congrats to ALL entrants! Way to rise to the challenge.

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