Have you seen the 50-word challenge on the blog from Tuesday? Check it out – you have until next Friday, May 8, to enter.

Writers love to write – but they also need to read. Reading – both in and out of your genre – can help improve your craft almost as much as writing can. And besides, if folks didn’t read, we’d all be out of a job (right??). And, reading is FUN. 🙂

May is National Get Caught Reading Month: a nationwide public service campaign launched by the Association of American Publishers to remind people of all ages how much fun it is to read.  There are several resources available for parents, teachers, librarians and kids on this website. But us writers can simply take/make the time to grab a book and enjoy – and learn from it. And encourage the other folks in your lives to be readers too!

Personally, I am currently reading several different picture books (as that is my genre), and am about to start a craft book on the topic. I’m in between “books for fun” at the moment, but will likely grab something from my Kindle before too much more time passes.

What Are YOU Reading?

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