Writing tight.

It is definitely a challenge. For most folks, it is much easier to go on and on about something than to just get to the point. Learning to say a lot in just a few words is a hard-earned skill for many. Many folks here at FaithWriters have honed that talent in the Writing Challenge, which limits you to 750 words per submission. It really is harder than it looks. 🙂

But challenge-length entries aren’t the shortest ones out there. Ernest Hemingway’s famous short-short story (“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”) has inspired a website dedicated to six-word stories. If you search long enough, you can likely find challenges for short stories of many different lengths.

Several years ago, FW Challenge Coordinator (etc.) Deb Porter challenged FWers during a Writing Challenge break to write stories in fifty words or less. I rose to that challenge, and came up with five of them, which I posted in the regular articles section.

I would like to challenge YOU to do the same.  Feel free to check mine out above for ideas – if you participated “way back when,” go ahead and  link to yours in the comments. Here are a few others from that original mini-challenge – from my dear friends Allison Egly, Jan Ackerson, Betty Castleberry, and Seema Bagai.

Simply post yours (with word count included – title does NOT count as long as it isn’t ridiculously long) in the comments here for all to read (if you are having trouble leaving a comment, email me at joannesher at faithwriters dot net with your story and name and I will put it up). I will give you until Friday, May 8 at midnight ET to put up your entry (more than one is fine). If at least ten different people submit a 50-word story, I will do a random drawing for a small prize among all the participants. I am also hoping to post ALL of the stories in a blog post here later.

So, put your thinking caps on, write tight, and get to work on that 50-word (or less) story!

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