spring_flower_purple_719705_hToday is the first day of Spring – in the Northern Hemisphere, anyhow. (Fall starts tomorrow for our Southern Hemisphere friends) It means new life, Easter, Passover, spring break, spring cleaning, spring training. Lots of things like that – all starting up. It means thawing out, opening the windows for some fresh air, putting away the winter clothes (though here in Michigan, there’s no guarantee it’s quite time for that LOL), exercising outdoors, and all the fun things that come as Spring does.

Maybe your writing has been in a winter of sorts. Been having trouble thawing out your ideas? Been hibernating?Avoiding exercising your writing muscles because they’ve been cramped up inside avoiding the blizzard of rejection, lack of time, or just plain laziness (I see you under that winter blanket, too cozy to get up or try anything new!)?

It’s time to stop hibernating – warm up those writing muscles, get out your favorite writing method (pen? pencil? computer? tablet?) and let your newly-defrosted river of inspiration flow. Ask God to help – He will never let you down.

Where do YOU go for inspiration?

What’s your favorite thing about Spring?

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