I can guarantee you that every single day has a significance – and I’m not just talking in God’s eyes. If you check out this website, you will find that there are “holidays” and/or “observances” (often more than one!) for every day of the week – and some of them are pretty silly.

For instance, did you know that this past Sunday was “No Pants Subway Ride Day?” (I hope you didn’t celebrate it LOL) And next Tuesday is “Penguin Awareness Day?” Trust me – if you are ever in need of writing inspiration, give the holiday website a look – I can pretty much guarantee something will grab your interest.

Like I said, there is a day for everything – and there is even a day for nothing. And that, my dear writing friends, is today. Yes, January 16 is National Nothing Day. How will YOU celebrate? Personally, it sounds like a good excuse for a nap. 😉

What Unusual Places Have Inspired You?

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