Can you believe 2014 is nearly over? January 1 is a mere two days away. Maybe it’s time for us to look at our writing progress over the past twelve months and plot a course (with the Lord’s guidance, of course) for the year to come.

Of course, this doesn’t just have to be about writing. But since this IS a writing blog, that will be my focus (though not laser-like LOL) in this post.

I pretty much always set goals for myself – because, for me, accountability is HUGE. I have daily, weekly, and annual goals (I used to do monthly as well, but decided to lighten up A BIT :::eyeroll::: ), and I have found, for me, anyway, that having them there helps me accomplish them (and remember them LOL). It helps me with my focus.

For instance, my writing-related goals for 2014 (posted on my blog sidebar) were only three in number – but they definitely helped me stay focused. And I can say with almost complete confidence (because as of this writing one part is undone – but I’ve got a few days yet) that I achieved all three.

While I didn’t specifically follow all of the rules of creating SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable and Timely) – which are VERY good rules, by the way – they each had at least one or two of those aspects.

I would recommend you at least try to set a couple of writing goals for 2015 (note, I said goals, NOT resolutions. Sounds a bit more doable in my book πŸ™‚ ). Feel free to post them in the comments if you want.

Another popular approach to the start of the new year is to choose a single word to focus on for the year – to center and inspire you. Check out this siteΒ  (there are several others too – Google it :)) for a Christian approach and support if you’d like.

Just FYI – I did this for 2015 also – for the first time. My 2014 word is/was “Content” (accent on the second syllable) and it was a great reminder to me when things were tough. So maybe you want to pick a word yourself.

(By the way, if you want to see my own goals and word for 2015, check out my personal blog, where I will have a post about them no later than the 2nd of January)

Do you set goals? Are you going to pick a word for 2015?

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