Get Ready to Rumble, Write and Win
By Jacqueline B. Broy

Stepping into the unknown is exciting and scary. Everyone’s idea of risk is different but what can prevent us from crossing the line into the new is a very old and cunning adversary. It’s fear.

My latest struggle with fear was writing this article. Some months back I had bought several writers’ resource guides to select the potential magazines for my very first article. I printed out the writing guidelines to be sure I met the requirements. Paper, pencil, red pen, and computer were waiting for my brilliance to spill out. But time moved on and my writing book had only the beginnings of several somethings. They were like balls of clay that never shaped into a solid piece. Anxiety began to slowly creep around me, leaving the door open to indecision. I had no clear idea what to write.

Vicious thoughts started floating in my mind. “Who’d want to read your stuff anyway?” “Your writing isn’t good enough.” “You’re out of your league.” I was beginning to question this new direction from God. I was paralyzed by this assault. If I truly wanted the future God has for me, I would have to fight to win in the present.

One powerful weapon is the Word of God. Ephesians 6:17 calls God’s Word the sword of the Spirit, an offensive weapon to be used by believers. In Jeremiah 23:29, God reminds us that His word is like fire and a hammer, able to break rock into pieces. Jesus has shown us how to use the Word against Satan. Luke 4:1-14 records Jesus going through a wilderness trial for forty days. Three times Satan tries to trip up Jesus, and every time He comes back with the Word of God. He was led into the wilderness by the Spirit, triumphed over the enemy with the Word, and came out in the fullness of power of the Spirit.

I did not follow the Lord’s example. I did not speak or stand on my favorite fear-fighting verse – Philippians 4:13. I allowed the enemy to block my first steps into writing and let fear grow larger than my faith in what God has called me to do. But there are times when God intervenes and cuts through the darkness with His Light for a rescue. No bolts of lightning flashed around me. No light bulb popped on over my head. Quietly, the Spirit of God spoke, “Write about the fear of writing.” Immediately I had a peace. Fear had vanished. Confidence had returned. For nearly two hours, my pen kept pace with the flood of words welling up in my mind.

To make writing professionally a reality, I must keep walking and pushing into the unknown. I need to take risks to obtain my God-given purpose by knowing that His love for me outweighs the enemy’s lies of my downfall. Fear will always be waiting for the next opportunity to spread its deception. Defeating fear with the Word of God is a necessity for every believer and the believing writer.

There are no guarantees that my writing will be accepted, but God didn’t call me to be accepted by the world. He called me to write for Him, for those who are lost to His love and for encouraging fellow believers. When God calls you to walk through a new door in your writing, be ready for a fight. When fear blocks your way, be ready to speak the Word of God and stand on it. Be ready to rumble, write and win.


Jacqueline Broy:Reader, writer, jewelry designer, traveler. These words describe who I am and are the ingredients for the Master and His Master Plan. Author of the devotional Journal Yahweh Tsuri, The Lord My Rock.

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