All members can now receive direct private messages from anyone interested in their writing through private messenger. If you had previously listed your email address in your profile, it should be removed now to reduce potential spam to your email address. Private messenger provides you with a level of privacy and security you did not have when posting your actual email address.
If you are a Silver member and have never been able to check your private messages, there may be some there now. Log into the site and look on the right hand side of the My Account page. It will tell you if there are any new messages waiting for you. Click on the link to read your messages. Please erase the ones you do not want to keep.
As new messages come in for you,  FaithWriters’ system will email you about the message that is waiting for you. Make sure your current email address in registered in your profile HERE. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so before being taken to your profile page to update your email address.
Note: Private messages with job opportunities will still only be sent to upgraded members. If you want to benefit from those opportunities you will need to upgrade HERE.
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