At last! The long wait is over. The first of the new “Writing Challenge” books, Mixed Blessings Simple Pleasures, has been released, and what a book it is. With one hundred bite-sized stories, articles, and poems, by over fifty fantastic FaithWriters Challengeers including the talented Jan Ackerson, Kenn Allan, Teri Wilson, Beth LaBuff, Melanie Kerr, and a whole lot more, this makes a perfect bedside book or gift. There really is something for every Christian reader in a Mixed Blessings book.

Simple-Pleasures-Cover_Final-200x300Simple Pleasures is the first in the constantly growing Mixed Blessings series from Breath of Fresh Air Press. Each book is compiled almost entirely from our Writing Challenge Editors’ Choice winners over the last seven years. To date, there are over 460 authors involved in this massive project, with 2,900 articles in 29 books. Each quarter of the Writing Challenge will add more authors to the list, and another hundred articles.

Writing Challenge Coordinator and owner of Breath of Fresh Air Press, Deb Porter, says, “These books have been a long time coming, but I wanted them to perfect, and our first book, Mixed Blessings—Simple Pleasures, is worth the wait. I love everything about it. It is a delight from start to finish. I have too many favorites to list.”

Deb also mentioned that through the preparation of this first book, she has rediscovered the amazing talent of some old FaithWriters members, and is now working on book projects with three of the authors featured in this first book.

Mixed Blessings books are another excellent reason to enter the weekly Writing Challenge, which begins again after a brief hiatus on July 10. Apart from the main benefit of honing your skill by writing to topic, word count and deadline, and the possibility of winning a cash prize each quarter (or even becoming the Best of the Best each July), there is also the possibility of having your work published. And who knows? Deb may rediscover you, too. So if you haven’t entered the Challenge in a while, or maybe never tried it at all, jump on it. You never know where it may lead.

Although the Challenge is the best way to be included in a Mixed Blessings book, there are ways to sneak into one much sooner, as did Helen Curtis, Robyn Burke, and Marty Wellington with Simple Pleasures. “There are times an eligible author is not able to be contacted, even after extensive efforts and super sleuthing,” Deb said. “On those occasions, we need to put a call out for gap-filler articles, stories, and poems. So keep an eye out in the FaithWriters forums, Facebook page, Twitter, and Breath of Fresh Air Press for those special opportunities.”

Book 2, Mixed Blessings—Classically Inspired, is due to be released in October this year.

You can purchase Mixed Blessings – Simple Pleasures at the Breath of Fresh Air Press website.

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