(I’m not generally one to toot my own horn – especially on this blog – but it looks like I have no choice :::blush::: )

The FaithWriters’ Writing Challenge is on a break right now, with the last winners of the “Evolution of Language” quarter announced just last week. And that means it’s time to announce the four winners of the quarterly level awards. The highest scoring entry in EACH LEVEL over each entire ten-week quarter receives a $50 cash prize.

And the winners for the second quarter of 2014 are:

Level 1 – Beginners: The Misanthrope’s Practical Guide to Avoiding Close Friendships by Diane Bowman (Bestie Challenge)

Level 2 – Intermediate: My Side of the Wall by Gracie Sparks (First World Problem Challenge)

Level 3 – Advanced: Digital Despair in Denmark by Gregory Kane (Digital Detox Challenge)

Level 4 – Masters: An Ode to Technology (Or Not…) by Joanne Sher (Digital Detox Challenge)

Watch this spot (and others) for the winners of Best of the Best – the top three challenge entries of the entire challenge year (July 2013-June 2014) – they will be announced on July 1. AND the new challenge year will start up on July 10 – make a point of entering (and YOUR name could be here in a few months!).


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