So, have you entered the FaithWriters Writing Challenge yet this quarter? I can happily say that I did – after an almost two-year break. This quarter’s topics are especially fun, as they are new words and phrases that are in the Oxford English Dictionary. From “googled” to “digital detox” to this week’s topic “omnishambles,” the subjects are proof that our language does NOT stay the same year after year. We’re halfway through the topics right now – so even if the current one doesn’t strike you, keep your eyes open – five more words are on deck!

Want to enter? Ponder the topic (google it if necessary – here’s a link to the definition of this week’s topic), and write a piece between 150 and 750 words about it and submit your entry no later that 10:59 AM ET on Thursday, May 8. Gold and Platinum members can enter each week, while silver members can try out the challenge a total of four times total. You can also find a buddy group to look your entry over before you enter, and chat about the topic if you’d like on the FaithWriters forums. See more details on the rules/guidelines at the Challenge main page.

Once the topic closes, be sure to read and comment on others’ entries – there will certainly be gems for you. And watch the brick throwing thread on the boards for the all clear – this is a GREAT place to post the direct link to your entry once judging is completed (please do NOT share your entry publicly before you hear that judging is done to protect the integrity of the process). Then watch the FOLLOWING Thursday for the challenge winners.

As a regular challengeer for many years, I think my jump back in will likely mean I won’t be taking quite as long a break until my next entry. Join me?

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