Our writing projects can sometimes feel like our babies. We spend so much time thinking about them, writing, editing, fixing, rewriting, that oftentimes, we might have trouble seeing their faults. Our wonderful writing, it seems, can do no wrong.

But there is always room for growth. Even bestselling authors need editors, and folks with a different perspective. And the neat thing is, anyone can give feedback to anyone – you don’t need to be a bestselling author to share your thoughts, as a reader, on a piece. If something doesn’t make sense to you, a learning writer (and we are ALL learning) needs to know.

One of the best places for this kind of feedback – whether receiving it or giving it – is FaithWriters’ Critique Circle. Currently, several advanced level writers and some editors are spending time there, leaving feedback for folks who submit their work. And the comments folks make are not available to those who browse – so people are more likely, I believe, to be honest with you about where your piece might need work.

All upgraded members need to do to get constructive feedback is to leave some for others – and remember, ANY feedback from folks of any level is helpful. Anyone can leave a critique – and when you do, you get a credit to sumbit your own work to the Critique Circle. Gold and Platinum members can then submit work for critique themselves, likely resulting in two or three critiques from others.

Don’t be afraid of sharing your babies with the world – a little critique can only make them better!


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