If you are looking for some inspiring stories, whether fiction and nonfiction, FaithWriters is the place to look – especially this week. Two new publications became available in just the past few days, and you will definitely want to check them out.

First, the highly anticipated book of forty FaithWriters members’ testimonies, Trials and Triumphs, is now available – and, for a limited time, it is FREE as an ebook! Check out these inspiring stories of FW members’ salvation testimonies, as well as how God was with them during trials. Read their inspiring stories (including my own story of how I came to Christ), and leave a review, if you would, on the FaithWriters bookstore  AND at Amazon (where you can purchase a paper copy of the book – and soon, an ebook!) That is the best way to garner sales for this book – and we would love your help.

And on a side note, we are currently holding a contest for a second book of testimonies – if yours wasn’t published in this first book and you are a gold or platinum member, stop by here  and scroll down a bit for information and to enter.

Secondly, the latest issue of the FaithWriters Magazine is now available! The March issue includes inspirational short pieces – from poetry to true life inspirational stories. There’s plenty of fiction, too, with humor, romance, slice of life, and several genres. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

Which Will You Read First?

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