So, have you entered the FaithWriters Writing Challenge lately? If you haven’t (or even if you have), and you want to get in on this quarter’s topics, you only have a few more weeks. That’s right – this quarter, which has topics focused on “ends,” is close to ITS end. This week’s topic – The Short End of the Stick – is the eighth topic of the quarter, which means only two more follow before we have a short break.

What is the Writing Challenge, you ask? In brief, it’s an opportunity to write to topic, deadline, and word count.  A topic is announced at the challenge page on Thursday at 11am ET, and you have until the following Thursday to write and enter a piece (fiction, nonfiction, poetry…) between 150 and 750 words. The entries are judged by anonymous judges, and winners are announced a week after the deadline. In the meantime, you can see others’ entries and give them encouraging and/or constructive comments. It’s a great way to hone your craft and practice writing to a topic, deadline, and word limit.

AND, at the end of each ten-week quarter, the highest ranked piece in each of the four levels over that quarter receives a cash prize! And he top three entries overall each year receive larger cash prizes, and are crowned “Best of the Best.”

Gold and Platinum members are eligible to enter the challenge as many weeks as they wish – silver members can try it out a total of four times. (Click here to upgrade your membership) Check out the rules for the challenge here, and submit your entry before the quarter is over! Don’t let the “end” quarter end without YOUR entry!

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