FaithWriters’ Writing Conferences are always fun, educational, and spiritually fulfilling – and there’s the potential for one coming up this summer – but we need to hear from you!

photo by Lynda Schab

photo by Lynda Schab

The next conference is tentatively scheduled for August 1- 2, 2014 at the Chicago O’Hare Airport Hilton. Because O’Hare is a hub, flights should be relatively inexpensive, and because the hotel is at the airport, there’s no need to rent a car.

The registration fee would be $129.00 and includes lunch Saturday and three snacks during the two days. This is a very nice hotel with plenty of amenities. And a wonderful bonus… the normal $199 room rate will be $99 for the conference!

We cannot provide in-depth details yet but based on previous conferences, we know it will be a great experience filled with learning, great workshops, and warm fellowship. Deb Porter will be there from Australia and Mike and Bea Edwards, Faithwriters’ owners, will  also attend. There is nothing quite like meeting other Christian writers in person, especially those you have connected with already online. It’s like a family reunion (without the arguments!).

We have had only a few dozen people so far tell us they might come and we need more interest to make a commitment to the Hilton and move forward. If you think there is a good chance you could come, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected] on or before Wednesday, February 5, 2014. Just tell us in the subject line you are interested or something similar. We will not be responding to these until we have more information.

Are You Able to Come? Have You Sent Your Email?


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