Created for Fellowship

by Lynda Lee Schab

Everyone knows that writing is a solitary profession. Which is good and bad. Good, because we are left alone to get our work done. But the bad side of our solitary confinement is that there’s no one to hold us accountable. How nice it would be if the laundry pile would cry out “don’t touch me until that chapter is done!” instead of “wash me…wash me…wash me…”

Most writers enjoy being alone. Let’s face it: it’s pretty easy to get along with ourselves! But God created each one of us for fellowship. And, yes, that includes writers. The internet, of course, provides plenty of ways for writers to connect. With email, Facebook, Twitter, and innumerable writers’ forums, communicating with other writers is, for most of us, a daily occurrence. But those things can also tempt us to hide behind a computer screen all day typing statuses and comments. Although there’s certainly nothing wrong (and everything fun) about connecting online, it’s just not the same as that human connection we were created for.

There are several ways you can break out of Laptop Land long enough to physically connect with other writers. You can even utilize the internet to do it.

* Put out a call on Facebook, Twitter, or a writers forum for other writers in your area so you can start a local writing group.

* Surf the web for established writing groups. One site to try is, which provides links to all sorts of local groups, writing included.

* Attend a book signing, poetry reading, or book club, where you can meet fellow readers and creative people with the same interests as you.

* Attend a writers conference and connect that way, while at the same time improving your skill.

* Don’t be shy about telling people you’re a writer. You never know when new friendships will emerge.

* Ask God to bring writers into your life. Or, at least, people who will encourage and motivate you – in person. Who can give you a real hug when you get that rejection or land that contract.

So while it’s nice to be alone sometimes, remember that we were all created for fellowship, not isolation. And all means…all. Writers included.



LYNDA LEE SCHAB got her writing start in greeting cards and has many articles and stories published in magazines and online publications. She works behind the scenes at, is a regular book reviewer for, but Lynda’s passion has always been fiction. Her novels, MIND OVER MADI and MADILY IN LOVE, are available in print and on Kindle. Lynda lives in Michigan with her two children. Learn more about Lynda on her website,

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