It’s time to announce the FOUR cash winners from hundreds of entries in this past quarter of FaithWriters Writing Challenge.  The highest scoring entry in EACH LEVEL over each entire ten-week quarter receives a $50 cash prize.

This past quarter focused on animal-related sayings, with topics from the black sheep in the family to straight from the horse’s mouth. The entries across the board were wonderful and inspiring – but there can only be one winner (in each level, anyway!)

And now, without further ado, our level champions for the fourth quarter of 2013 – as well as their thoughts:

Level 1 – Beginners: A Life on Display by Taryn Deets (Like Living in a Goldfish Bowl Challenge)

Taryn’s thoughts: “I am so thankful for this honor!  Tonight, as we walked into a restaurant, one of our sons made the comment, ‘I hate how people stare at us when we walk into a restaurant.’  I used to feel that way too, struggling with being a family on display, not only because of our size but also because of the rainbow of colors we are.  But God has a bigger plan, always taking me just a little further out of my comfort zone, and  I see the fruit of reaching out to another, and am blessed to see how He uses my suffering to help someone else.  This is what He is doing with my writing, with all of us who are called to write for His Glory; He is asking us to share pieces of our heart with the hurting world around us so that hopefully they can open up their hearts to Him. 

“This is such a blessing to me, the first such honor I have ever received for my writing.”

Level 2 – Intermediate: Stumbling Through Elephants by Judith Gayle Smith (Elephant in the Room Challenge)

Level 3 – Advanced: Beautiful Love ~ Ministering to Those in Pain by Rachel Malcolm (from Elephant in the Room Challenge)

Rachel’s thoughts: “When I opened my email and saw that I was one of the quarterly winners of the writing challenge, I cried with joy. This entry is the most personal one that I have written so far. I realized that I can dig deep and use the love that God has shown me, to love others as they walk through their own seasons of darkness.

 “So many doors have opened up for me since I joined FaithWriters six months ago. I am thankful for this website and even more thankful for the family that I’ve found here.”

Level 4 – Masters: The Horse’s Rear End by Graham Insley (from Straight from the Horse’s Mouth Challenge)

Graham’s thoughts: “No-one ever needs to lose alone and no-one ever wins alone. Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, is the real leader of this team. My wife, Giovanna, is His second in charge. Dave Walker, my writing buddy, is simply awesome and ALL of the FaithWriters who make comments and encourage others are equally as much deserving of this prize as I am.

“I want to encourage every member to enter the challenge; it’s a powerful way to grow as a writer.”

The Writing Challenge is on a break, but  starts up again on January 2 – just over a week away. Give it a try in the new year – YOUR name could be listed here for the first quarter of 2014!

Congratulations, Taryn, Judith, Rachel, and Graham!


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