I love the dictionary. I know I’m not the only one, either 🙂 While the numbers are few and far between, there are SOME other people who understand how excited I was when my husband gave me a copy of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary – for Valentine’s Day. One man’s romance is another man’s doorstop, right?

I love learning about the origin of words, and the many different definitions they may have, or have had, over the years. When words are the “tools of the trade,” as they are for writers like you and me, understanding them, it seems, is necessarily part of the job. And a fun part at that!

And, in the United States at least, the dictionary is inextricably linked with Noah Webster, creator of “An American Dictionary of the English Language” (now the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary). And because of that, today, the anniversary of Webster’s birth back in 1758, is officially Dictionary Day.

So look up a word. Find a new definition of a word you know. Or buy yourself a new dictionary (or dictionary app!).

What’s your favorite word? What does it mean?


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