If you walk into a Christian bookstore – or even do a search of “Bible” on Amazon – you will likely be astounded at the number of versions of God’s Word you have available to you. There have been more than 450 different translations of God’s Word into English over the years, and many of them are still available now. But did you know that it took 1,500 years for the entire Bible to be available in the English language?

In fact, 476 years ago today, the very first complete English Bible translated from the original biblical languages was printed. The Matthew Bible, first printed on October 4, 1537, included the translations of William Tyndale (who was executed for his Bible translation work a year previous), Myles Coverdale, and John Rogers – all from the original Hebrew and Greek.

And now there’s a different English translation for almost every year since that first one! So many to choose from – just like when you’re looking for a book to read, or a magazine – or even a story to write. The choices seem endless. How do you decide?

Just remember: just like the many translations of God’s Word, there are many different stories to write, devotionals to pen, poems to create. As long as you stay true to His inspiration, and write with His leading, you can know you’re on the right track.

What’s your go-to Bible translation?


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