Have you ever been in a book club or reading group, or is high school English the last time you read and discussed a book with others?

Reading groups and book clubs are becoming more and more popular – whether in person or online. Personally, I love discussing books with others – what I like, what I don’t, what I learned. Getting others’ impressions on books is definitely a benefit. It can help your writing as well – seeing what works for you, and others, in published works allows you to figure out how to make your own writing stronger. I have never actually been the member of a reading group or book club, but the more I research them for this post, the more I think that needs to change.

Also, did you know that some authors will speak to your reading group/book club, either in person or by phone/videochat? Just imagining the opportunity to ask questions about their storyline, writing habits, conclusion, or most anything else gets my creativity going. What a way to learn about writing from someone in the business! (Here’s a link to a site that lists authors who will visit book clubs – I’m sure there are other sites like this)

Next month (which is less than a week away!) is National Reading Group Month. I may just have to find a group and jump in! How about you?

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