Not all the folks at FaithWriters write stories, devotionals, and articles. There are quite a few poets among the membership. And even if you’ve never written a poem, most likely you’ve at least read some (the Old Testament books of Psalms and Lamentations, among others, are books of poetry).

And today, August 21, by declaration of who-knows-who, is Poet’s Day. (but, in case you’re wondering, I did NOT make it up! LOL) A day to, perhaps, write a poem? Or read a poem? Or write a poem about someone reading a poem?

Poems don’t have to rhyme, by the way. In fact, FWer Jan Ackerson did a lesson on free verse poetry on the FaithWriters forums just a few weeks ago. Check it out!

So, on Poet’s Day, why don’t you give writing a poem a try? If you need some inspiration, click on the names of some of FaithWriters’ talented poets below, and check out their stuff.

Kenn Allan

Beth LaBuff

Jim McWhinnie

Verna Cole Mitchell

Are you a poet? Who’s your favorite poet – “professional” or FaithWriters member?

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