Did you know that there are over seven dozen writing lessons on the FaithWriters forums, taught by a FaithWriters regular, former teacher,  professiona editor, and multiple challenge winner? Have you checked them out?

Jan Ackerson, arguably one of the best and most helpful FaithWriters regulars, started up a place on the message boards called “Jan’s Writing Basics” several years ago. After a bit of time away, she’s resurrecting the forum, and posting new lessons. With topics ranging from dialogue to symbolism to writing out of the box, just browsing the nearly 100 topics on this portion of the forum can be extremely worthwhile. These include not only the lessons themselves, but student comments and “homework,” with Jan’s responses. These interactive courses were very beneficial to folks who took them as she taught, and reading them afterward can also help improve your writing.

And the best news is that Jan is starting the classes up again! The current class, on Free Verse Poetry, is going on now. Check it out for great instruction, super examples, and HOMEWORK (yes – even during the summer). And watch for another new class coming soon. Jan is also looking for suggestions on what to teach – so if you’re struggling with an aspect of writing and you don’t see it addressed already, just ask her.

Have you participated in Jan’s classes before? Are you planning to this time around?


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