The interview of FaithWriters’ Writing Challenge Best of the Best winner (presented, IN PERSON, at the FaithWriters Conference in Portland!) is up – be sure to check it out below. AND, watch this spot for interviews with the second and third place Best of the Best winners (Jody Day and Francy Judge) coming soon.

Tracy Nunes joined FaithWriters in 2010 and entered her first Writing Challenge a few months later. Although a few of her entries have placed in the top 10, Droplets to the Four Winds was the only one to make it to that prime Editor’s Choice #1 spot. Still, with only one entry in the running for the 2013 Best of the Best, Tracy Nunes has been awarded the crown. Now, join interviewer Lynda Schab as she talks to Tracy about FaithWriters, her winning entry, and Tracy’s love for adventure.

LYNDA: First, congratulations on your win! What was your reaction when you found out you took the Best of the Best crown this year?

TRACY: Stunned; tearful; so caught off guard that I couldn’t speak. Deb announced it at the conference and I wasn’t expecting it at all. Just being there felt miraculous; the BoB award was beyond belief.

LYNDA: I can imagine! You’ve placed in the top 10 over the past year, but only had one entry in the running for Best of the Best. Droplets to the Four Winds is a delightful story about letting go of inhibitions. Was this story born out of personal experience? What I’m really getting at is…have you ever purposefully jumped in a mud puddle? As an adult, of course.

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