The Writing Doldrums and The Opposite Malady
By Jackie Wilson

Writing doldrums you might know. But what is this opposite malady of which I speak? Why, it is, of course, the uncontrollable urge to write, write, write. I suspect that there is a distinct, identifiable cycle for most writers, much like the cycles of the moon, and the passing of the seasons.

Though new to this business of writing, I have nonetheless experienced at least one full cycle, and I find myself to be, at most points, fairly well out of balance one way or the other. Either I have dug my heels in and do not want to get started on any writing project ever again, or I am a woman obsessed, who cannot stop, who stays up late, who neglects all other duties just to add another paragraph and advance the story a little further along.

I have just completed the obsessed curve of the cycle, and am headed down now into the nether regions of obstinate abstinence. I don’t know which is worse.

I do, however, know what is the absolute best point in the cycle. That is the place and time where the story has been written, the tweaking has been accomplished, your critiquers have responded with mostly favorable comments, and you have the deliciously decadent pleasure of basking in the pure joy of knowing that you have created something of value out of absolutely nothing save your own imagination and a few scraps of memories.

That is the best.

Not many things can match that euphoria, but I guess I would have to concede an equal joy exists on birthing a baby, composing a good song, or being happily in love. Beyond that, I’d have to give it some thought.

Author Bio:

I am a newcomer to the pleasures of writing, and most certainly an amateur! But I’m having a blast, whether or not this activity ever becomes profitable or successful. I’ve been composing for many years now and writing is a perfect companion art. Copyright 2009 Jacalyn S. Wilson

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