In just a week and a half, we will KNOW who the FaithWriters Writing Challenge Best of the Best is for 2013. Have you checked out the contenders from the first, second, and third quarters? (If not, go ahead. I’ll wait :))

Each first place Editors Choice winner of the writing challenge during the challenge year (which runs from July 2012 to June 2013) is eligible. On July 1, 2013, the first, second, and third place entries will be announced – First Place Best of the Best (or BoB) receives $300, second place gets $150, and third place $75.

The final winner for this quarter – and challenge year – was announced yesterday, so the list of forty contenders is complete. So, it’s time to share the winners from the quarter that just ended. So…here they are – from the onomatopoeia quarter!

Droplets to the Four Winds by Tracy Nunes  – SPLASH topic

Goodbye To My Slingback Peep Toe Pump by Francy Judge – ACHOO topic

Click Here to Pay This Bill by Tom Parsons – CLICK topic

Drawn to a Drip by Allen Povenmire – DRIP topic

Trapped by Larry Elliot – SIZZLE topic

The Gleaner Wore Chiffon by Francy Judge – RATTLED topic

He Didn’t Even Ring the Doorbell by Allison Egley – DING-DONG topic

A Window Opens by Noel Mixata – WHINE topic

In The Night... by Kenn Allan – THUMP topic

The Lord is My Shepherd by Margaret Kearley – HUM topic

Check out all the contenders in the BoB thread on the FaithWriters Boards – and check back HERE a week from this coming Monday to see who the winner is! (and if you can’t  for THAT big news- this coming Monday, here on the blog, we’ll be announcing our second quarter challenge winners – one from each level!)

Do YOU have a BoB prediction?


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