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Writing Advice You Should ALWAYS Follow

Writing Advice You Should ALWAYS Follow
By Edie Melson

Now, like ninety-nine percent of publishing rules, take these with a grain of salt. Writing is rarely a one-size-fits-all proposition.

1. Keep a regular schedule. Notice a said REGULAR schedule, not normal (and I didn’t say write every day). Your schedule may be writing on the bus everyday to work, or from midnight to 2 a.m. or even only on the weekend. Whatever works best for you, stick with it. Small bites are the […]


What Is a Christian Writer?

What Is a Christian Writer?
By Bob Valleau

I’ve included four important questions, in this article interview format, to convey what it means to be a Christian writer. Even though they are not from an actual interview, I have addressed each of these questions, at some point, in the past. I pray my answers give some insight into the exciting — and extremely satisfying — field of Christian writing.

Why are you a Christian writer?

I’m asked this question a lot, and I always […]


Conference Update – and God Speaks Contest

Are you planning to attend the FaithWriters Conference next month (can you BELIEVE it’s next month??)? Are you registered yet? If not, we’ve got TWO reasons to try to convince you to sign up soon.

FIRSTLY: the early bird deadline has been extended until Tuesday, May 7. Who doesn’t like to save money? Get that registration in now!

SECONDLY: one person who registers before May 15 will get their registration fee refunded to them! All people who have registered so far, plus […]

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So You Want To Be A Freelance Writer…

This Little Writer Went to Market
By Lynda Lee Schab

A couple of years ago, I taught a workshop at the FaithWriters conference, which I titled THIS LITTLE WRITER WENT TO MARKET. I figured since THIS little writer (that would be me) went to market, maybe what I’ve learned along the way could help other little writers who want to go to market, too.In the many years I’ve been a freelance writer, I’ve gotten lots of questions from people wanting to dip […]

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