Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of June? That means were only a month away from announcing one of FaithWriters’ premiere awards – The FaithWriters Writing Challenge Best of the Best!

Each first place Editors Choice winner of the writing challenge during the challenge year (which runs from July 2012 to June 2013) is eligible. On July 1, 2013, the first, second, and third place entries will be announced – First Place Best of the Best (or BoB) receives $300, second place gets $150, and third place $75.

So, which entries are in contention? That’s what this post is about. Each challenge year is divided into four quarters, with ten topics each. Each Friday for the next four weeks, I will share the BoB contenders from one of the quarters here, so you can check them out. And remember – it’s not too late to be in contention for the 2013 Best of the Best – we still have a few more weeks of the spring quarter to go. And you certainly can’t win if you don’t enter.

And now, without further ado: the Best of the Best contenders from Summer 2012 (click on the title to read the entry):

Tissot Tale by Jody Day – Picnic topic

Where’s My Kitchen? by Francy Judge – In the Kitchen topic

Unexpected Guests by Jenna Fernandez – Potluck (meal or gathering) topic

Molasses Danced on her Tongue by Addie Pleasance – Savory to the Taste topic

My Daily Diet by Myrna Noyes – Diet topic

Riding the rattlers, 1932 by Ellen Carr – Banquet topic

Three Voices from the Checkout by Addie Pleasance – Groceries topic

Candybar Christianity by Helen Curtis – Sweet to the Taste topic

Junk Food National Historic Site by Beth LaBuff – Junk Food topic

Billows of Smoke by Theresa Santy – Barbecue/Cookout topic

Enjoy the reads – and congratulations to all the contenders from last summer! Stop by the FaithWriters blog next Friday for BoB contenders from Fall 2012!

A new Writing Challenge topic was announced just yesterday – and there’s one more after that before the challenge year ends. YOUR name could be among the Best of the Best contenders. Stretch your writing muscles and enter the Challenge!


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