I don’t know about where YOU live, but it’s warming up here in Michigan. And when it warms up, my computer time often decreases.

It’s too beautiful to sit inside and plug away on my laptop. My kids will be out of school in less than a month – so I’m losing some of that kidless time for a few months. While I CAN write with youngsters underfoot, it’s certainly easier without.

For me anyway, cooler weather is more conducive to writing productivity. I seem to get more writing done in the winter, when I’m likely to stay inside anyway(with the exception, of course, of Christmastime!). Fall and spring, in general, are relatively productive – other than around those holidays that seem to pull my attention away.

And then there’s summer – when distractions abound. Kids. Sunshine. Vacations. Day trips. You name it.

But still, I try to make time to write then too – perhaps during the hottest part of the day, when I don’t want to be outside anyway. Cuz it’s what I do. What God is asking me to do.

How about you? When are you most productive writing-wise?

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