If you’re a believer, you have a testimony – whether it’s about how you came to Christ or how the Lord stood beside you during tough times.

Have you thought about using your writing talents to  share your testimony in an anthology?

That’s what the Testimony Contest is about. Sponsored by FaithWriters and bestselling author J. J. Hebert, FaithWriters Gold and Platinum members can submit a testimony, and if it is one of the forty selected, the writers will not only be published, but they will receive royalties on the book, whose projected release is yet this year.

There are three different categories of submissions.

  • Coming to Faith (about your salvation testimony)
  • Faith Under Fire (how you kept the faith despite circumstances)
  • You Inspire Me (you share someone else’s testimony – with their permission)

And the deadline is approaching (though not TERRIBLY fast – so don’t rush, eh?). Entries must be received by three months from tomorrow – July 20, 2013 at 11am ET.

Looking for more details? Check out the Testimony Page on the FaithWriters site. Be sure to read them closely. You can enter from the same location.

ALSO – if writing your testimony doesn’t interest you, we are also looking for a cover design. Instructions for submission are on the same page, and the artist whose cover is chosen will receive $200.

Are you ready to help save the lost and encourage the found? Enter the Testimony Contest!

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