It’s time to announce the FOUR cash winners from hundreds of entries in this past quarter of FaithWriters Writing Challenge.  Beginning this quarter, the highest scoring entry in EACH LEVEL over the entire ten-week quarter will receive a $50 cash prize.

This past quarter was music-themed, with topics from FLAT to STAFF to ACCENT. The variety of entries, and quality, was impressive. But there can only be one winner (in each level, that is).

And now, without further ado – our winners (with their thoughts).

Beginners-Level 1

Creations Philharmonic Orchestra by Graham Insley

“While I’m excited and obviously pleased with winning, I don’t really deserve the credit. My desire as a writer is simply to become the baton in the Master Conductor’s hand. Even though I am not yet fully surrendered, any win is more a reflection of this happening than any ability that I may have. ” Graham Insley

Intermediate – Level 2

Today I will be in Paradise by Dave Walker

“I am SO excited to hear about my win.

“I worked in the Middle East and know what a struggle many Muslims have with the identity of Jesus. Speaking to converts, it is when they get that right — usually through divine revelation — that they break through.I  loved interacting with Muslims and grew very fond of them. It shows that when you write about something close to your heart, it has impact.”

“I know there is so much more to Faithwriters than I have discovered and I am keen to explore the avenues. (The testimony competition is my next target). What a blessing to have a community like this. Thank you, Mike and Bea, for the way you are carrying it forward.” Dave Walker

Advanced – Level 3

A Denominational Allegory by Jack Taylor

“It’s always humbling to feel that the words you create in private can have impact in hearts and minds all over. I am grateful to those who took the time to read ‘A denominational allergory.’ I believe there is so much we can accomplish together if we realize that though we speak the truth of Jesus differently we are all on the same team. The community is watching us as we interact with each other. Our witness with each other is powerful.”Jack Taylor

Masters – Level 4

I’m In Charge Around Here by Noel Mitaxa

“I’m honoured to receive a prize, as an endorsement of my aim to help readers discover real people stepping out of familiar biblical events and stories (which I like to call “paralell-ables.”)

“I thank God for how FaithWriters has opened doors for my writing, with the Weekly Challenge a constant encouragement. Receiving positive feedback is a great buzz, but the creative treatment of topics by other members is also to be inspired to explore new writing genres” Noel Mitaxa


The FaithWriters Writing Challenge is currently on a break, but will return on Thursday, April 4 with a new quarter of topics. Hope you’ll enter when it starts up again – YOUR name could be here at the end of next quarter!

Congratulations, Graham, Dave, Jack, and Noel!

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