We have winners for last month’s Writing/Blogging contest – which focused on equipping young adults to defend their faith, partly through the ministries of CrossExamined.com and the video-linked copy of Gravity. Those who entered, whether they won or not, have certainly made an impact on equipping young people to defend their faith! Thank you 🙂

And now, without further ado, the winners!

First Place – winner of $100 and having their piece posted on 100 Christian blogs:

A Christian Parent’s Worst Nightmare by Linda Berg

Second Place – winner of a $75 cash prize

Are You Prepared To Lose Your Kids?  By Joseph Veseli

Third Place – winner of a $25 cash prize

Fact or Fairy Tale? by Paula Titus


And…best silver entry – winner of a free one-year gold membership:

The Agenda by Vince Martella

And hear what our first place winner Linda Berg has to say about her win, the contest, and FaithWriters:

I wasn’t planning to enter this blogging contest, Equipped to Defend, but when I saw the topic, I knew I had to. Children raised in Christian homes and struggling with their faith, even departing from it, is not just a statistic for me, it is personal. When our daughter struggled with this we really didn’t know how to support her.

Part of living a life of faith is a matter of the heart and the will: the gift of choice as given to us by God. Our role as parents and as church leaders is to give our youth the information and the tools to process clearly God’s truth and provide them with the necessary tools to defend it. The resources offered by the ministries of Cross Examined and Gravity help answer those questions often asked of youth about their identity in Christ and the authenticity of the gospel message.

Faithwriters and the opportunities offered there for development of writing skills and spreading of the Gospel message is a blessing! Thank you Mike and staff.

Want to read the winning entries – and the others? Check out this thread. And watch here for the next writing/blogging contest!

Congratulations, Linda, Joseph, Paula, and Vince!

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