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To Plot or Not?

To Plot or Not?
By Lynda Lee Schab

There are as many ways to write a novel as there are wannabe novelists. Well, maybe not quite as many. But still, when you consider all the different ways there are to plot a novel or not plot a novel, it adds up to lots.

Here are a few ways. See if one of them is you:

Die Hard Plotter. This is the writer who spends months – yes, MONTHS – researching, plotting, charting, mapping, brainstorming, […]


Happy Birthday, OED!

Dictionaries are often a writer’s best friend – whether they be paper or virtual. Not sure what a word means? Its spelling? Proper usage? They’re the go-to resource.

And if you’re writing an historical piece – or even a period one – you may need to know when a word came into usage. THEN, where do you go?

One place to turn is the Oxford English Dictionary, considered the most comprehensive and accurate dictionary of the English language. This tome, […]

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