Let’s congratulate these FaithWriters members for their accomplishments!

Debbie Roome and her mother Dorothy Ade wrote a book of Debbie’s disabled sister’s life to date, Loving Leanne. It is now available on Amazon.

Ken LambeAttractive Business Woman With Megaphone 3rt and Amy Matzke’s nonfiction book, Top Ten Most Influential Christians Since the Apostles, is now in its second edition and is available for sale.

Lynda Schab‘s new marketing ebook, This Little Writer Went to Market, is now available in the FW bookstore, Amazon, and Smashwords.

Stephanie Craig and Lynda Schab both have short stories in the collection Heart Bouquets, put out by Write Integrity Press. It is available on Amazon.

Craig Dressler‘s Christian espionage novel Heart of Terror is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Yvonne Blake‘s historical novel A Home for Phoebe is now available at Amazon and Full Sail Books.

David Story‘s novel Whispers is now available for the Kindle.

Congratulations, folks!


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