Have you heard about the latest writing/blogging contest at FaithWriters? It’s a great opportunity to help equip college-aged students to defend their faith in a secular world – AND to win prizes and exposure.

Simply write a 500-word-or-less article promoting www.CrossExamined.com‘s mission of equipping kids to defend their faith and/or the apologetics book Gravity (video-linked flip page ebook or text-only ebook) – written by FaithWriters owner Michael Edwards.

With seventy plus percent of Christian youth leaving the church after high school, college aged kids need to know the facts – and how to defend their faith – in a world of skeptics. Your article can help.

All FaithWriters can enter – but the contest will close once there are 25 entries (or March 1, which ever is reached last.)

And the best entries will receive prizes:

Best Silver entry will receive a free one-year gold membership.

Winners from Platinum and Gold members will include:

First Place: $100 cash prize and publication of the winning piece on 100 Christian Blogs.

Second Place: $75 cash prize.

Third Place: $25 cash prize.

Further details are available on the FaithWriters forums – just click on the link!

Don’t forget to enter!

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