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God’s Three Greens for the Writer

By Colin Swann

God’s Green Room is a writer’s reality and reassessment area.

The reality is that just one in a million writers will be the author of a classic and probably as few as a handful will write a best seller. One may succeed and go on to make a reasonable living through the pen but most will have to supplement their writing with a daily job. Some will just have to settle for scribing for pleasure with a welcome perk now and then. Unfortunately, that is the bottom line – and a sound reason for God leading the writer into a time of waiting in the Green Room of reality.

A reassessment is required as to what the writing aims of a Christian are. Is it fame and fortune that is being pursued? Wisdom surely deletes such unreachable goals from most writers’ aspirations. Is it writing for self or for God that fires the goals? In truth it maybe more for self than for the Lord but in reassessing it can become less of an ego trip. Having to wait in God’s Green Room can enforce the lesson of putting God first, the reader second and the Christian author last. It is hard indeed to die to self in an area where creative license often warps reality but a new impetus must be born and followed through for God.

God’s Green Pasture is a place for rest, resolution and restoration.

A rest is sometimes enforced by God when the writer has thrown away the cushion of the Lord’s easy yoke by a frenetic workload. The Christian should come to the page with a different incentive than that of a secular author. To fire on all cylinders for God the writer must learn how to coast at times or burn out. Because God loves his co-authors – he will not only lead the way to his ultimate goals for them but also cause a resting time in his green pastures as part of that progress. The Lord indicated that when one is yoked to him things should become easier.

Resolution can be found for future targets whilst in this place of rest. Waiting on God in expectant anticipation for a way ahead can be wafted through by daily devotions and prayer. Past failures and successes can become the stepping stones and building blocks for future service. God wants his scribes to succeed, but in the right way. True humility is a requirement to ward off puffed up ideas and selfish ambition. God’s servant writer should seek the Lord’s will and shun self-glory. The resolution of every Christian writer, whilst resting in God’s green pasture, must be to write solely for Jesus – even when creating a non-religious piece of work.

A time for restoration is needed after a breakdown in reciprocation with the Source. Present day written words can be God breathed by the Holy Spirit – but they will be words mingled with the faults of the earthen vessel – yet inspired! This should be the higher ground of creativity that a writer aspires to. If this ground was once possessed but is now lost – the Lord must be given no respite until its restoration. Being nourished by God in his green pasture land is his way of restoring and completing that work.

God’s Green Light is to get ready and then re-launch.

The writer must be ready to restart after an uncreative period – yet God himself is never in a hurry to work his wonders – so patience is a must. Needless to say, a writer must write, but a Lord-led work will be in God’s own timing. This waiting has more to do with God producing truth in the writer’s heart than what the writer can create with his hands. When God opens a door and gives the green light for a work of his choice, the dying embers will be re-ignited.

A re-launch will obviously be exhilarating – the birth of a new work! God’s leading is what the true Christian servant writer aspires to and seeks after – other motives are all unworthy. Going through the green light, out into the open spaces of a new spurt of creativity, is like the dawning of a new day for the writer. How wonderful it will be to co-author again with the Great Creator – to produce God inspired written words that will find his approval and bless his people.

Colin Swann is a British writer who lives in The Midlands, England and is married to Gill; together they share a ministry to married couples by running marriage courses.  Colin likes writing in most genres.

Which of God’s three greens are YOU in right now?

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