Whether you are published or not, I’m sure you’ve at least thought about how you would autograph your published work. Would you include your middle name? Would you make the letters loopy or pointy? What else would you write, if anything?

It’s very unlikely, though, that your autograph would become as well-known as that of the man who was born 276 years ago today.


Yes, John Hancock, merchant, statesman, and patriot of the American Revolution was born on this day almost three centuries ago. He was president of the Senate when he placed his signature on the United State Declaration of Independence in 1776. And now, if someone asks for your “John Hancock,” you know exactly what they want.

And though your autograph will never be as famous as this American patriot’s, you may still get that chance to sign your own book some day. And you might as well start practicing now 😉

Have you had the chance to autograph something you wrote? Have you practiced your autograph?

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