Make sure to read to the bottom – there are TWO writing opportunities in this post!

Now that we’re into the new year, and the new month, it’s time for another blogging contest, which will benefit a Christ-focused ministry. And the winners get paid writing assignments!

The current contest, which closes on January 31 at 10am ET, is titled One Hundred Percent, and supports Wellspring International, an outreach of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, an organization that  supports ministries who seek to save women and children affected by sex slavery, human trafficking, bride burning, AIDS/HIV, elderly, healthcare, Iraq refugees and other projects. This organization sends 100% of its donations to its approved missions projects – wonderful, don’t you think?

So what do you need to do? Here are the rules:

  • Entries need to be properly written in English and grammatically correct to the best of your ability.
  • The word count will be 600 words maximum.
  • You must have a title.
  • Post your article in the proper forum (click here), our regular articles and one other location or more if desired.
  • Links must work in the posts. We have provided complete final paragraphs with links for this forum and our regular articles. You can add these to the bottom of your completed article or build links within your article as we have in the past. There will be no deduction for using pre-built paragraphs.
  • You must include your name, member number and membership type (Silver, Gold, Platinum) at the bottom of your submission in this forum only.
  • You must also include the URLs at the bottom of your post in this forum for the other two or more places you posted your article.

Winning Platinum or Gold members will get paid writing assignments from Wellspring International and exposure. The winning silver member will  receive a one-year free Gold membership. For more details, including the “fast track” method of entering that does NOT involve creating your own links, check out the forum post here.

And there’s ANOTHER writing opportunity. Beginning immediately, this very blog, the FaithWriters blog, will begin accepting articles for submission! This is not a paying opportunity, but it WILL give your post more exposure and will give you a chance to share your writing-related posts with a wider audience.

Are you interested? Here are the guidelines:

To be considered, any contributions must be :

  • Posted in the FaithWriters Regular Submissions
  • Written by a FaithWriters member (any level)
  • Between 200 and 700 words
  • Written from a Christian worldview
  • On a topic of interest to Christian writers (e.g. writing how-to, tips, encouragement, etc.)
  • The author must also be open to having his or her post edited for grammar and clarity.

To submit, send a link to your article from regular submissions to (No attachments, please) You will be notified within two weeks if your article will be used, after which you will be asked to send a short (75 words or less) bio to run with the post. Further questions? Email Joanne at the link above.


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