Congratulations to Kerry Nenn, the winner of the surprise Christmas Contest: “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?” She won $50 or a free one-year gold membership. Click here to read her winning entry, and the others. And what does Kerry have to say about her win?

“As a writer, I am excited about the experience. As a competitive individual, I am thrilled about winning. Most of all, as a Christian, I praise God for the opportunity and blessing He provided through the contest.”

Can you believe it’s the last day of the year?

Don’t know about you, but to me, it seemed that 2012 went by FAST. There is NO way January was 11 months ago. I’m afraid to look at the goals I set for 2011 (yeah – I do goals, not resolutions).

Writing-wise, I have found that accountability is VERY important for me. For about as long as I’ve had my own blog, I’ve posted monthly, and annual, goals there – and I report back with how I did. And I’m in a couple accountability groups where I share WEEKLY goals – and, again, report back.

I don’t always meet my goals, but at least I make them – and I make other people aware of them. And if the year/month/week is a bust, oh well – there’s always the next time period!

Not everybody works best this way. God makes us all different. But whether you set goals or not, it’s always good to review how your year went, and make some plans for the year to come – with God’s direction, of course.

So, how about if we each share a writing-related highlight and a “lowlight” of 2012, and one goal for 2013? I’ll start:

Highlight of 2012: Finalled in a contest with my nonfiction manuscript

Lowlight of 2012: No contract or agent

Goal for 2013: Finish first draft of my Biblical fiction manuscript.

How about you?

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